About the Authors

This blog started out as a recreational venue for the crazy thoughts of a group of college girls whose fond of sharing the latest stories about themselves, other friends, school and etc. The authors made the blog only to share thougths and feelings. It is intended for fun and mean no harm. Whatever is posted were just products of their emotions that is more effective to speak out through writing. This group is composed of three GURLS (as we call ourselves), who share common interest and loves to hang-out together.

“Diskarte Lass”

Name: Cindy Camarillo

Birthday: November 20

Status: In a relationship with…….                                     (guess  who? lol)

CINDYGURL- as we call her is the energy of the group. Her presence would mean “No Dull Moments.” Her humor is extremely unexplainable. She’s a certified GOSSIP CORRESPONDENT (hehehe, she contributes a lot of stories and crazy scoops). What’s good about her is that she can work alone (imagine, she stays up even in the wee hours of the night just to finish her task for our proposal. We’re all sleeping, but her? very alive and kicking..hehehehe).

“The Silent Chique”

Name: Eva Biel Nolasco

Birthday: February 1

Status: In a relationship with…

(better ask her..hahaha)

MADAM EVAGURL-the super feminine in the group. As innocent as she appears, the complicated stories she gathers and shares in the group. Certified observant and no intriguing moments passes her “20-20 vision” eyesight  (sorry gurl, just kidding.. hehehe). Whats amazing with our madam is that when you ask her, she always have an answer (hehehe, try it and you will be amazed of what information she can give you..hahahaha). She is the wood that keeps us aflame (wow, very artistically stated. It’s because her laptop is our only source of income, I mean the only gadget we can use when we do our documents and project.. tnx to her… =) ).

“It’s Complicated”

Name: Rhea Jimenez

Birthday: August 9

Status: Postponed ’til further notice

(how sad.. hehehee)

MARIMAR-as her college friends and collegues call her, is the OA of the group. Very superficial and sometimes her thoughts or imaginations are super “out of this world.” She writes best when upset and knows very well what she likes. She is sometimes impulsive and hard to deal with but mind you, she is very concerned of what others think about her (weh???how true are this statements, am I ok??hehehee).

These are the women behind the site. They may be called the “GOSSIP GURLS” but they know their limitations. They just love to share their thoughts, nothing more, nothing less. Whatever they know is just between them. They preserve their integrity as well as the person involved in their stories. They keep their mouths shut even in the most tempting moment. They write because they can’t say it. The point is that they can freely express what they feel. This blog is for the free who knows their limits.Hope you will appreciate the sight and leave your comments. =)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. krullex
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 11:16:37

    i wanna know more about gurls…. thanks


  2. watever
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 09:26:54

    interesado ko sa inyong G-U-R-L..!! haha pis* :))


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